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GSE-626A Series Gambling & Amusement Games

GSE-626A Derby Q-s.gif       155-FruitMaster_s_english.gif


 Derby Q (Horse Race)                                     Fruit  Master


156-Heroes_s.gif      152-KingPond_s.gif

           Heroes                                               King Pond            

Gauss Gambling Game Video Show Video Show: GSE- Series Movie (YouTube)

Download Program List: GSE-626A-Game-List-English_All_2012-03-04.pdf  

 GSE-626AN LCD Bonus Linking System GP-TD-1-8in1  GSE-626AN LCD Bonus Linking System

GSE-626AN LCD Bonus Linking System


Halloween.gif     Luck7

Halloween Featur.pdf                       Lucky 7 Features-English.pdf


Program List: GSE-626A-Game-List-English_All_2012-03-04.pdf

Movie:   GSE- Series Game Video Demo



1.   GSE-626A VGA Multigame PCB Halloween includes a virtual webpage, eight amusement games and one gambling game.

2.   There are eight amusement games available.  Player can touch HOME or FAVOR icons on the screen to choose the game.

3.   Touch the icon GO can enter the second layer of virtual webpage.

4.   After password verification, you can modify the system password or enter gambling games.

5.   Main program consists of many bonus games.

(1). Bet x 1 ~ x 99

(2). Three to fifteen free plays

(3). JACKPOT: Link five special features to win Total Bet x 25,000

(4). Give free points randomly.

6.   The player can choose Take Score, Double-Up or Half Double-Up.

7.   There are x2, x3, x4 and x5 bonus multiplication available.


Download 1: Halloween-Features-English.pdf

Download 2: GSE-626A-Game-List-English_All_2012-03-04.pdf

Lucky 7 (5-reel 25-line) Features:


1. Lucky 7 is an interesting 5-reel, 25 line VGA Touch Fruit game.

2. Lucky 7 PCB includes one virtual webpage, eight amusement games and one gambling game (Lucky 7) on the same board.

3. Press different icons on the virtual webpage to play eight different amusement games. (Touch screen only)

4. Playing gambling games or modifying password must pass password verification.

5. Many Bonus games are available.

(1) Multiply the bet by x1 ~x99 randomly

(2) One to twenty-five free games will be offered to the player frequently.

(3) JACKPOT: line 5 special prize symbols can multiply the bet by 5,000.

(4) Extra credits will be issued randomly.

6. Player can choose "Collect", "Double" or "Half-double" when the spinning reels stop.

7. Player has chance to get x2, x3, x4, credits when he/she plays Double games.

8. WILD: Player can win extra x1, x2, x3, x5 credits.

9. Special rule: Player can hold two identical symbols to wait for the third symbol.

10. Amusement games and virtual webpage can be switched OFF by the DIP SW if you don't need it.

11. Gambling games can be played by touch panel or buttons.

GSE-626A PCB Features:

1. Can be operated by high resolution VGA monitor (31.5KHZ).

2. Can be operated by push-button, touch screen or both.

3. The Multi-game consists of virtual website, eight amusement games and one gambling game.  Single gambling games are also available.

4. Player can choose double-up or half double-up.

5. This board can be connected by Cherry master or JAMMA connection.

6. Auto-bet, Auto-start, Auto-stop, Auto-score; Auto-play  

7. Various games are available and can change new game with the same PCB.

8. PCB: 212.7mm (L) x 180.2mm (W) / Cabinet: 438(W) x 458(D) x 380(H) / 25kg.

GSE-626A Multi-game Features:  

1.        Initial screen looks like internet search engine.

2.        Touch "Home" on the touch screen; you will see four amusement games which looks like free amusement games on the internet.

3.        Touch special spots on the touch screen (Password), you will enter gambling games which looks like free demo games.  



New 6 Botton Cabinet




Kungfu Soccer Features:

(1) GSE-626A VGA Multigame Kungfu Soccer PCB includes one
     virtual webpage, eight amusement games and one gambling game.
(2) Click HOME or Favor... to play eight different
     amusement games each.
(3) Click "GO" to enter the second layer of virtual webpage.
(4) You can modify system password or enter gambling games after
     passing password verification. Please call your agent for the default
(5) Many bonus games are available, such as:
     Player's bet can be multiplied by 1 to 99 at random.
     Player has many chances to play one to twenty-five free games.
     Extra Bonus Prize will be offered if five special prize symbols are
     at the same line. The bet will be multiplied by 5000.
     Extra credits will appear randomly to attract player.
(6) Bonus credits will be shown by large size graphics to make player
     more excited.
(7) Player can hold two cards to wait the third card.
(8) When all "Wild" comes, the player can play BONUS games.
(9) When the reel stops, player can choose "Collect", "Double" or
(10) This program offers different multiplication, x 2, x3, x4, to attract
     player to play "Double" games.

Download: 133-Kungfu_Soccer-Manual-English.pdf



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