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Name:131-The Olympic Games
Item NO.:GSE-626A-131
Unit Price:US$ mail

The Olympic Game Features:
The Olympic Game is an attractive 5-reel, 9-line game. Player can select 1-line, 3-line, 5-line, 7-line, or 9-line to play the game.

1.     Gold Coin: the "Gold Coin" can replace any treasure except "Black Meter" and five Gold Coin link a line can win the biggest prize which is 25000 times the bet.

2.     Camera Fever: When player gets 3 "Gold Coin" symbols anywhere on the reels, player can play this Camera Game. Player selects one number by pressing Stop1, Stop2, Stop3, Stop4, or Stop5 then the camera will focus on the chosen number. When it stops on a "Weightlifter" with numbers, player wins the multiple of the bet multiplying that number. If player is not happy with the result, player can choose another numbers and continues risking his bet at this sub-game, until the camera stops on the "failure player" symbol. There is no gain with the bat symbol and after it hits the boomerang, the sub-game finish. When the camera stops on "player" with Great word, player is allowed to enter the GREAT GAME.

*GREAT GAME: There are 5 referees with cards in hand and player press Stop1, Stop2, Stop3, Stop4 or

Stop5 to choose a referee then referee will open the card with score and shows the number which will be used to multiply the player's bet and then all gain bonus being collected as prize.  After all bonuses are collected the sub-game automatically finished and turns back to the main game.

3.     Free Fever: When player gets 4 gold coin symbols anywhere on the reels, player can play Free Fever game. The Free Fever is free for the player to play the main game until the times of the Fever number countdown is finished.

4.     Prizes Game: When player gets 5 gold coin symbols anywhere on the reels, player can play Prizes Game. Player chooses one athlete by pressing Stop1, Stop2, Stop3, Stop4, Stop5 or Start button. When the athlete hits a gold bar to the scale pan, the number on the scale will be collected like bonus for the player and let the player continue playing. If the athlete hits a branch, this sub-game finished and back to the main game.

5.     Power Game: When player creates a winning line, player can choose DOUBLE UP or HALF DOUBLE-UP to enter the Power game. Then player selects Stop1 or Stop5 to open the gift box on the right side or on the left side. These gift boxes will open simultaneously. If there's a Table tennis bat on the chosen dish, player's bets will be doubling. If there's a baseball glove with numbers like x3, x4, x5, player's bets will be multiplying by 3, 4, or 5 times of the bet. But if there's a deflated ball on the chosen dish, the game is over.


Movie:   GSE-626A Olympic Gambling Game Video Demo



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