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Name:141-GSE-626A-7 in 1 MODE 12
Item NO.:GSE-626A-141
Unit Price:US$ mail


Download: 141-GSE-626A_Multigame_Mode12-OJM-Features.pdf


1.     GSE-626A Multigame Mode 12 includes three 15-reels, 9-line gambling reel games, Jungle Family, Halloween and Olympic Games.

2.     Four amusement games and one virtual webpage are also available.

3.     You can switch the amusement games OFF by DIP SW if you doníŽt need them.

4.     Player can play amusement games by touch certain icon on the screen or pressing password combination to play gambling games.

5.     Both touch panel and buttons can be used to play the gambling games.

6.     Many Bonus games are available for attracting players.

Jungle Family

1.     Jungle Family is an attractive 15-reel, 9-line game. Player can select 1-line, 3-line, 5-line, 7-line, or 9-line to play the game.

2.     Treasure symbol: the treasure box can replace any treasure except gold ingot and five treasure box link a line can win the biggest prize which is 25000 times the bet.

3.     Camera Fever: When player gets 3 Treasure symbols anywhere on the reels, player can play this Camera Fever game. When the camera stops on bird with Super word, player is allowed to enter the SUPER GAME.

4.     Free Fever: When player gets 4 treasure symbols anywhere on the reels, player can play Free Fever game.

5.     Monkey Fever: When player gets 5 treasure symbols anywhere on the reels, player can play Monkey Fever game. When the monkey hits a peach to the scale pan, the number on the scale will be collected like bonus for the player and let the player continue playing.  If monkey hits a stone, this sub-game finished and back to the main game.

6.     Double Game: When player creates a winning line, player can choose Double up or Half Double up to enter the Double game.


1. After password verification, you can modify the system password or enter casino game.

2. Main program consists of many bonus games.

(1)Bet x 1 ~ x 99

(2) Three to fifteen free plays

 (3) JACKPOT: Link five special features to win Total Bet x 25,000

 (4) Give player free points randomly. 

 (5) Player can choose Collect, Double-Up or Half Double-Up.

(6) There are x2, x3, x4 and x5 bonus multiplication available.

Olympic Games

1.     The Olympic Game is one of the GSE-626A PCB multigame series.

2.     Player can select 1-line, 3-line, 5-line, 7-line, or 9-line to play the main game and many bonus games.

3.     Playing gambling games or modifying password must pass password verification.

4.     Many Bonus games are available:

(1) Multiply the bet by x1 ~x99 randomly

(2) Three to fifteen free games will be offered to the player frequently.

(3) JACKPOT: line 5 Black Meter symbols can multiply the bet by 25,000.

(4) Extra credits will be issued randomly.

5.     Player can choose Collect, Double or Half-double when the spinning reels stop.

6.     Player has chance to get x2, x3, x4, x5 credits when he/she plays Double games.

7.     Super JP: Black Meter can replace any graphics except Gold Coin and line 5 Black Meter can win the Super JP.  When the player wins super JP, he/she can win the credits of the bet multiply by 25,000.

Download: 141-GSE-626A_Multigame_Mode12-OJM-Features.pdf


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