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Name:155-Fruit Master
Item NO.:GSE626A-155
Unit Price:US$ mail

Download: Fruit Master_20-reel 50-line_gambling_game) Video Demo (GSE-626A)


1.      GSE-626A VGA Multigame Fruit Master PCB includes one virtual webpage, eight amusement games and one gambling game (Fruit Master).

2.      Fruit Master is a 20-reel 50-line gambling game.  Player can choose one to fifty lines to play the game. (This function is adjustable by inner set-up.)

3.      Player presses BET or LINE/STOP2 button to select the line to bet and press START to spin the reel.

4.      Player presses Stop1, Stop2, Stop3, Stop4, Stop5 or All Stop to stop the reel.  Player can select "double up", or "collect" after winning main game.

5.      Press START to bet again and press RESERVE to enter reserve mode. Auto Run is also available.

6.      The maximum bet for each line is 20 points. Since there are totally 50 lines to bet, the maximum bet is 1,000 points (20 points x 50 (lines) = 1000 points). The maximum winning odds is 250,000 and the maximum winning points is 5,000,000. (If player gets all icons, he will get 2,500,000 points; 20 points x 2500 x 50 x Double Time). If 1 point equals to 100 dollars, the maximum winning amount is 500,000,000.


(1) When three BONUSESappear on any position of the reel, player can play FREE GAME.

(2) When four BONUSESappear on any position of the reel, player can get 5 extra free bonus games.  The bet is the same as the main game but the winning points will be double.

(3) When five BONUSESappear on any position, all the same symbols will appear in the next run.

8.    HAPPY TIME: If player gets any 4 BONUS, he/she will enter HAPPY TIME to get 3 free games.  The bet credit is the same as the main game the winning amount will be double.

9.      Double-Up Game:

(1) Press DOUBLE or HALF DOUBLE for double-up loop.

(2) When player plays Double-Up game, he/she can choose STOP1?STOP2?STOP4?STOP5 to guess Heart, Diamond, Club, Spade  or to guess  or  by MAXBET or BET. If the player gets the correct answer then he wins.

(3) Press  to get scores.

10.  Machine Reserved Mode: When player needs to leave the machine temporarily, he/she can use this mode to reserve the machine for 3 to 180 minutes.

11.   appears randomly on reel 2, 3, 4, 5.

12.   appears randomly on reel 1,2, 3.

Download: Fruit Master_20-reel 50-line_gambling_game) Video Demo (GSE-626A)

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